New Features of Hydraulic Press Brake

Press brake is a most important machinery for forming sheet metal. It’s employed to bend the metal to various angles. The hydraulic press brake can be used rather than a mechanical bender at all. However, most people may not know about the new device, bending press machine therefore we’d like to share its capabilities to help everyone understand:

  1. Steel structure welded with steel

Old mechanical benders are made from iron, whereas the latest hydraulic brakes are constructed from 100% steel. Because of the hardness of steel this means that the structure is sturdier. This also reduces stress built-in and, as a result machines can run for longer periods of time.

  1. Two cylinders control beam’s vertical motion

New press brakes use two oil cylinders for controlling the upper die, and this will allow you to achieve the most balanced balance. Therefore, we advise operators to not bend the metal to the edge. It will affect the balance of the cylinders.

  1. Mechanical Torsion Shaft

The benefit is that it allows two cylinders that operate simultaneously. This is the most popular torsion all over the world. We worked for a long time to develop this into a mature. More details are available inside the user manual.

  1. Hydraulic system

This is a hydraulic press brake; therefore, the hydraulic system has to be vital. It’s a better alternative to mechanical power since the power output is steady. In addition, you will get repair services in the local area, as the hydraulic systems are used all over the world.

  1. Motorized back gauge

The gauge is controlled by an electronic device via buttons, after which, there’s an electronic panel on the front. You can input the information to access them, however, you can alter them manually for more precise focus.

  1. Concise control

In the CNC system, both The X axis as well as the Y axis are controlled by computers. This means it can implement the process of robotization. It is suited to manufacture large quantities with the same conditions.

  1. Standard punching tools

This would comprise the standard die. The die is made of four sides and can satisfy the most basic specifications. If you require a specific presses brake die, then you may purchase it from suppliers or a local mold factory.

  1. Foot pedal

The pedal on the foot of a press brake differs from a shearing machine. When you press it the pedal, it will function? If you decide not to press, the lower die will remain in the same condition. which makes it easy for the operators to adjust further of the material.