Online Games With Voice Chat

If you are interested in finding Online Games With Voice Chat, you should know that there are a lot of options for you. The options include Mumble, Discord, and TeamSpeak. Some games have a dedicated voice chat feature, which makes the gameplay more fun and competitive. Some are free, and some cost money.


Voice chat is a wonderful feature in Discord. Whether you’re in a competitive game or simply want to chat with your friends, you can use voice chat to connect with others. The service’s voice chats have great quality, no matter how many people are on a channel. You can also customize the volume. If you don’t want to hear every other person’s voice, you can mute them from the Discord settings menu.

There are many games to choose from on Discord. You can even create your own games and add them to your list. You can also connect your Steam account or other gaming platforms to Discord to connect with other users. Just make sure to authorize any activity first, otherwise the chat will not work properly.


TeamSpeak is a great tool for online games with voice chat. It is available for a wide range of platforms, including Mac OS, Linux, and mobile devices. The software is also free to download and install. However, it is important to read the documentation thoroughly and try out the software before you begin using it.

TeamSpeak is a feature-rich voice chat client that has been around for years. It has a 5-tier hierarchy consisting of Server Groups, Client Permissions, and Channel Groups. These groups allow you to set permissions for individual users, or to override those of another user. This allows you to set up very complicated permissions, idn poker allowing you more control over what people can do in your game.


If you’re planning to play online games with voice chat, you can use the Mumble software to do so. This program is a free open-source software that works with a Murmur server. Murmur servers are hosted by vendor sites for a monthly fee. The configuration of these servers requires advanced technical skills and is not recommended for beginners.

Mumble offers low-latency communications, which is ideal for gaming. The voice chat feature lets you communicate with teammates, friends, and complete strangers without interrupting gameplay. The program also supports a variety of plugins that you can install.

Silly Royale

If you’re bored of playing the same old game over, you might consider trying Silly Royale. This multiplayer game offers a wide range of fun features, including voice chat. There are also leaderboards and customizable skins for the silly avatar. This game is available for free on iOS and Android.

This popular game has already crossed the 13 million download mark and has a plethora of fun features. Players can compete in various leagues and challenge their opponents. Depending on your skill level, you can also compete for prizes, including PlayStations and iPhones.

Google Hangouts

If you play online games that allow voice chat, you can use Google Hangouts to communicate with other players. Google Hangouts is an all-in-one communication application that enables users to chat, send photos, and send text messages. It works across a wide variety of devices, including computers and smartphones. Plus, it’s free to use.

Google Hangouts also allows users to send pictures, videos, and sketches. You can also make phone calls using Hangouts. All you need is a Google account. Once you’re logged in, you can start a hangout session from your computer and continue the conversation seamlessly from your mobile device.