The Best Cell Phone – The Vivo Y72 Plus Camera

The Vivo Y72 is one of the hottest phones being launched in the markets this year. It comes with a stylish and compact body, a full QWERTY keyboard with a capacitive display, and a super sensitive multi-touch screen, and many other attractive features. However, is it priced right? Vivo has priced its phones well below its capabilities. It’s still a good buy, though, but one has to keep in mind the features that it offers and what it could have if it had more memory and storage space.

Battery Power The battery power on the Vivo Y72 is satisfactory enough for everyday use. It lasts all day long and after charging it up to its capacity, the battery vivo y72 instantly returns to its original capacity. On the contrary, the phone’s charging port isn’t very big, so you may encounter connectivity issues when your hands are full. It’s also a bit bulky compared to many of the other mobiles currently available in the market. It will give you an average performance when it comes to the battery power, though.

MicroSD slot The microSD slot is present on the back of the Vivo Y72 but unfortunately isn’t very easy to find. There are only three slots – two for the memory card and one for the microSD card. When you insert any memory card, the software won’t recognize it unless it has the microSD slot already installed. In this case, the software will prompt you to insert a microSD card, which could take quite some time.

Connectivity The connectivity on the Vivo Y 72 is good enough. It can connect to the internet with a fair speed. The microSD slot is also accessible through this port, and this makes for connectivity issues if you’re looking to use different applications or services while on the go. The battery capacity is not that high though, so it will definitely disappoint those who want a high battery capacity.

Power The battery power on the video y 72 is quite impressive. Compared to other smartphones in the market, it can last for a day and a half with a full charge. It might be great for kids to have, especially since it lasts for a whole day with no usage.

Camera The built-in camera on the vivo Y 72 is surprisingly good. With a relatively large lens and high pixel resolution, it can capture high-quality pictures. It also has a high auto-focus system, which means you won’t have to resort to professional photography skills when taking photos. For amateur digital enthusiasts, this is definitely one of the highlights of the five Y 72 for sure.